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The Day after the Storm- Election 2012

The Day after the Storm- Election 2012


Well, it is over the days and nights of campaign ads, signs along the roads, media people who thought they could predict the results and everyday folks like you and me who were just plain fed up with all of it!

Today Americans got what they voted for! They will now see more of what this POTUS has been doing for the last 3+ years in even a stronger effort to turn this once great country into some type of 3rd world country who has more government workers than the private sector, more CZars than electoral votes and more and more rules and regulations AGAINST companies who would like to build and market something here in the US but can’t because of the regulations.

What happens now is anyone’s guess; I suspect that this POTUS will now try to legalize the 12+ million so called “Undocumented” or what I call them Illegal Aliens to get them to vote for more of the left’s agenda. This should also help the left by placing more of those new voters on many of our social program entitlements like food stamps, section 8 housing etc. Next I see him working hard with the Clintons to remove the 2nd Amendment or doing something that will water it down so much that owning a firearm will make you look like some type of a nut job in the new public’s view.  He will continue to push for his Green Energy plans with all the alternatitive energy crap and ignore all the efforts of drilling here in America or making any type of a trans Canada-US pipe line.

American debt will probably raise another $3,000 per person to something like $7500 per head; the POTUS will stress higher education but will not back school vouchers because it goes against the teachers union that backed his election. There will be more and more delays in government agencies like FEMA in disasters because the POTUS will put into those critical positions his buddies who have zero experience.  You will hear more and more about “Green Jobs”, and more and more of those companies will get federal funding and fail to actually make a profit.

You are having a good day today if you are a Union member or Union Leader, a government worker or someone who is seeking a job with the government because there surely will be more government jobs in the next 4+ years, you are a school teacher, you are on some type of federal assistance program like welfare, food stamps etc. or you are a illegal alien or the child of one and live here in the US.

You’re having a bad day today IF you actually thought enough Americans realized the total scam this presidency has brought to the highest office in the land to vote this lefty out of office and to take his carpet bag full of Czars with him. You are having a bad day if you are a business owner who actually was thinking that you might be able to hire new employees and maybe expand or get a loan for your business. Or maybe you are a company that does business with the military, and maybe just maybe if you are a enlightened one still in college you were hoping to get a decent paying job when you got out of school! And for all those seniors who thought they were actually going to retire, well think again! Your taxes are now going to be higher so you cannot afford to retire.

Our POTUS will still continue to “Bow Down” to other world leaders, this will make America weaker than before in the eyes of the world. He will continue to lead us down some type of path that is open to other religious beliefs in areas like religions interaction in legal matters or within the households of Americans.  And yes there will still be those who think he was not born here because he will still fight to show any actual documents of his schooling, birth or anything else and spend $$$$$ in hiding it all. I suspect some of us will still doubt this POTUS real identity, and he will continue to not provide the transparency he promised 3 years ago by covering up more and more of his failures.

Now think back over the last 3+years…… your vote counted, it just was not enough to get your guy into the office! Not enough people actually thought that their vote would count so they FAILED to get out and vote so your guy LOST. Americans are lazy, too busy to vote in what is the most prized possession any person can have, the power of the vote.

What will happen in the next 4 years is just anyone’s guess, lets pray that Americans stand together and get past all the crap that is thrown at them, let them stand against more regulations that will be imposed on them and let them have the courage to make a difference in getting a person who they can all stand behind a candidate who thinks the constitution is what America needs to follow.




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